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Getting To San Carlos and Back To The USA

The driving directions to San Carlos, Mexico, are detailed in these printable instructions. This assumes you will be entering Mexico at the Nogalas, AZ border crossing, down Interstate 19 from Tucson.

Some photos we took along the way may help you identify some of the landmarks we talk about in the instructions.

When you return to the U.S.A. you may want to bring some food items purchased in Mexico back with you. This list, given to us by the U.S. border officials, includes many food items that are permitted or prohibited.

Phone tips:

  • Direct dial from the US:
    • 011-52-622 + number in Guaymas/SanCarlos/Empalme
  • Dialing to a Mexican cellphone from States:
    • 011 + 52 + 1+ [10-digit cellphone #]
  • 044:
    • This is only used when calling the number locally and is omitted for international calls
  • 045:
    • If you are calling a Mexican cell phone from within Mexico but it is a long distance call, the prefix is 045; then dial the 10-digit number